Honda reliability myth busted. Data shows otherwise

    I recently had a transmission go out on a 2001 Accord at 74,000 miles. The dealer offered to put a new one in for $3,152.97  (out of warranty). The dealership person mentioned that this a common problem and not associated with the way I drive. When I bought the car 10 years ago I expected the transmission to last a lot more than than 75K. Was I mistaken? Aren’t Honda’s supposed to be reliable?. Time to dig for facts.

   Well the dealership person is correct. My ’01 Accord does have a high rate of transmission failure according to fellow Accord owners. Los Angeles Times did a story on crappy Honda transmission back in 2002.

   Consumer Reports confirms that my perception about the reliability of Honda cars is correct. This survey in 2009 lists Honda as the 2nd most reliable car company. Since the survey was conducted before the “Toyota unintended acceleration” issue, my guess is that Honda would now be at the top.

    However reality is the exact opposite. Here is a list of 20 worst problem vehicles taken from CarComplaints (as of 28-Sep-2010) uses inputs from the users and the following factors to come up with the ranking

  1. average mileage at failure
  2. cost to fix & repair
  3. total number of complaints
  4. owners’ ranking of how bad the problem was

Let us consolidate the list by brands

Brand Name Number of Cars
Chrysler 2
Dodge 5
Ford 4
Honda 7
Nissan 1
Toyota 1

Notice that Honda has the highest number of models on the list. In other words, Honda makes 35% of the worst cars in the list. Now that is something I would never have expected based the perception of reliability of Honda’s.

What makes this number even more shocking is that Honda has only a 10% share of the US car market (as of 1-Oct-2010). So a company that only sells 10% of the cars contributes 35% of the worst cars on the market. Does that mean by selecting Honda you are 3.5 times as likely to end up with a worst car as opposed to selecting a car at random??

Another way to look at the same information is to see the average age of the worst cars by Brand.

Brand Average Year Average Age
Chrysler 2001.5 8.5
Dodge 2000.8 9.2
Ford 2003 7.0
Honda 2003.8 6.2
Nissan 2002 8
Toyota 2002 8

Again Honda has the youngest cars on the list. i.e. A Honda ends up on the worst car list after only 6 years. Yikes!!
  So the next time you see the Honda commercial guy knocking on your TV screen,remember he wants to sign you up for high repair bills.


59 Responses to Honda reliability myth busted. Data shows otherwise

  1. former honda fan says:

    I can state from experience that you should not assume that because it is a Honda it will be reliable. My 2001 Odyssey transmission failed at around 70,000 miles and had to be replaced and the replacement transmission just failed on me at 130,000 miles. My 2003 Accord also has had its share of problems: I had to resurface the rotors and replace the rear pads at only around 15,000 miles (I have many cars over 30 years and I have never had replace the pads so early), the headliner came loose and had to be completely replaced a few years ago, as well as the sun visor, and I had to spend $2,000 to fix the air conditioner last year, the traction control warning light keeps coming on, and the steering is starting to make a groaning sound, and I’m worried that the automatic transmission may fail so as the 2003 accord transmissions have a reputation for premature failure. As I no longer consider Honda’s reliable I think my next car will be a Sonata or Optima as both are better looking and offer more features than the Accord and I get a superior warranty (if Honda had any confidence in the reliability of its products it would offer a longer warranty).

    • Subc says:

      Honda is better at making lawn mowers. Just for curiosity in 2008 we bought a Honda CRV. Two months ago the AC stopped working. Their is a warranty recall on one of the parts, however, you have to pay a diagnostic fee to get to that part. Never, ever, Honda. My Toyota never needed any major work till 200,000 miles. It is the most noisy car you will find for a new car.

  2. Carl says:

    I have a 2002 honda crv and the thing has been unbeleible, never skips a beat and runs just as good as the day i bought it. 370,000km on it. GF even rearended someone, they fixed it and it runs just fine. Honda quality rules.

  3. Michael Matteo says:

    My 2000 Accord is a 5-speed manual. It has 180k miles on it and runs better than any other car ive owned. My last car was a 93 accord 5-speed and it had 235k miles and ran as good as my 2000 until i wrapped it around a telephone pole. My girlfriend has a 2000 Accord 5 speed with 280k miles that runs flawlessly. Her parents have a 2003 accord with 170 on it and its an automatic with zero problems. These are the most reliable cars I have ever seen. This forum is obviously biased and trying to ruin the good name of Honda Motor Company. By the way, automatic transmissions go, buy a 5 speed! 5 speed hondas pretty much always approach 300k with minimal problems.

  4. RP says:

    The real test of reliability is racing them in the 24 Hours Of LeMons.. where production cars are subjected to rigors of endurance racing. What one discovers about Honda cars in general.. while they many be reliable as street/road cars, they have a awful record at LeMons racing. Honda Accord, Civic, Prelude and related Integra cars tend to pop cylinder head gaskets, spit connecting rods, digest CV joints & axles, toast transmissions and more..

    Do keep in mind the class action law suite settlement regarding failed Honda Transmissions.

    Toyota cars are not much better at LeMons racing than Honda. Toyota had a similar class action law suite regarding engine failures (many under 30,000 miles) engine oil sludge.

    It turns out one of the most robust and reliable LeMons racers is the Volvo 240 series, Orginal GM Saturn and Alfa Romeo (totally counter to what the US car buying public believes.

    Read about the findings here:

    • Brewskie says:

      Well, I always say that if you want to treat your car like a race car, you’ll have to maintain it like a race car.

  5. Honda Civic Reborn is my favorite car.
    100km at 10 sec……. GooD Pickup

  6. Brewskie says:

    I can understand your frustration. Hondas have a problem with automatic transmissions on select models – the Accord, Odyssey, Pilot (though that may have gotten resolved with recent years’ models) and some model year Civics. This stems from what’s called the “Hondamatic”: back when Honda was a young, small, fighting company, it resisted paying royalties on transmission patents by developing its own proprietary transmission. The Hondamatic bears resemblance to a manual transmission; it’s effectively a “mechanized-automatic”; and each gear ratio has its own clutch, each smaller than a standard clutch on other transmissions, so these clutches have to take on the pressure during gear shifts. In a way, I’m amazed they don’t fail more often.

    I’m on my 2nd Honda – both automatics. The 1st was a Civic which hit 161,000 miles before dropping it; it was a great car that waited until 124,000 miles before requiring its 1st repair (exhaust manifold, covered under emissions warranty); my 2nd Honda has 122,000 miles.

    Hondas are for the most part good cars, assuming the transmission holds up; I know their manuals are very good, so which go over 200,000 miles with the factory clutch. So far (knock on wood), I’ve avoided the transmission fanfare; I don’t drive my cars hard, and I also change the transmission fluid every 15,000 miles.

  7. kristian says:

    i’m still drivingvmy honda concerto 1991 automatic at 116000 miles and still going strong with no problems over 10 years. i have service it myself every once in a while and had to replace the radiator last year which still worked fine even though it was so corroded i could push my finger thrpugh any part of it. overall very impressed and will definately buy honda again

  8. Dan says:

    Everybody here is missing the point.
    #1) Hondas are very popular cars. So the website isnt taking into account that because there are more Hondas on the road, there will be more complaints.
    #2) I have a 1999 Honda CR-V, 5 speed manual that JUST died at 321968 miles. I have but the done the usual maintenance, along with replacing the clutch, radiator and ball joints. No car i’ve ever driven runs as good as my Honda did.
    #3) Automatic transmisions will eventually fail. Look at it similar to a clutch on a manual transmission. Some are flawed but eventually they will all fail. Manual transmissions have less heat, less moving parts and less internal pressure, they are therefore more reliable.
    #4) Honda is the only Car manufacturer that builds an AUTOMOBILE engine that redlines over 9000 RPM.
    #5) And for those that say that they dont buy Honda because its not American, keep in mind that Most Hondas have more american parts than any Dodge, Chevy or Ford.

  9. john harding says:

    Yes Honda myth is only a myth. They are expensive to fixed,painted poorly,and rust iut like no other car.Look around not many old hondas and the ones you see are rust buckets with faded paint.

  10. Tomcat says:

    Our 2000 Accord crapped out the transmission in just 86,000 miles we told the dealer 2 time while it was within the extended warranty of hard and jerky shifting the just ignore it we have copies of the work order stating we Tolstoy the dealer of this problem. .

    I send an email to the director of sales at Honda the SOB coulees not craw less

    I hope a national tv crew will do a story on a honda they the fact the crappy transmissions have not kill someone yet is the only good news hear

  11. Carlos says:

    After reading all these comments about hondas reliability I realize that:
    1. People ignore what they want to ignore.
    2. You cant ignore facts. Search on, or anywhere on the net, and you will realize that whatever the critics say about honda reliability lacks credibility in the real world.
    3. If you still dont believe that honda’s ”reliability” is a myth then you just don’t want to face reality.

    I own a 2003 Odyssey bought with 90000Km: 2nd tranny already failing, consumes oil and motor mounts broke. So if changing 2 trannys in 4 years means reliable then Im lucky. There are so many other ” lucky” honda owners out there.

    • Richard Jeffries says:

      Not true – what you find on the WEB is anecdotal at best and not scientific – it is self reported information that is not controlled by any type of parameters of research. Most people who choose to SELF report on the web are the ones that have problems – naturally. So the results on those type of “anybody can post” websites are naturally SKEWED towards the negative. Unlike Consumer Reports and JD Power which are TRUE scientific studies that more accurately show the whole truth. I have owned Honda’s since 1991 and NEVER have been stranded by one of my Honda’s – not once!

      • Bacon Pope says:

        For clarity, there is nothing scientific about Consumer Reports or JD Powers. Neither are based on replicating experimentation. Both operate on manufacturer contributions, and neither conducts long term tests–JD Powers actually tests nothing.

  12. didatus says:

    Well, it’s wonderful that others find Hondas so reliable. My first Honda, a brand new Civic, lasted one year before it was a write-off. The unbelievably bad brakes (rated ‘poor’ by Consumer Reports) were to blame; I’ve never experienced anything so bad since (though my current car comes close…). But after 23 years of no Honda cars (just one Honda motorcycle – nothing special, really) I was persuaded to try it once more.

    So five months ago I bought a (Honda authorized) used, top-of-the-range Accord, with extended warranty, paint protection, etc. and 33k on the clock. It certainly looked good when stationary. Well, I’d driven it 45 miles before a rear caliper seized up and I had to waste a day getting it sorted out. Since then, it’s been in the shop three times. The latest one was the best: the self-leveling headlight contraption on the rear axle failed, so I was blinding everyone. I took it in, but the Honda warranty won’t cover it because of “corrosion”.

    When I bought the car I remarked to the salesman that the ‘corrosion’ bit on the exclusions could be used for just about anything – and that’s exactly what happened. Well, I’ll be getting it fixed soon and then selling it (the ad’s ready; I just need some photographs). I’m sure Honda fans will jump at the chance of getting an ‘excellent’ Accord with only 37K…

    And for those of you who think ‘so what, Honda’s not losing anything’, the reason I bought a used Honda was as a test (of its supposed reliability); my wife was considering getting a new CR-V this spring (not anymore she ain’t!) and I was going to get a Fireblade (hello, BMW…). It’ll be considerably longer than 23 years before I consider another Honda.

  13. tman says:

    i have a 2004 civic with 200,100 miles on it. ive done only maintenance on it and one ball joint replacement. some people just arent lucky

  14. We’ve owned five Hondas, four of them durable – but the one we have now is terrible. It’s a 2007 Accord. We bought it loaded out with all the options including navigation. It was slightly used but looked and drove like a new one. But after about a year we began to have serious problems.

    A spark plug broke and the head had to be removed and retreaded, No one can seem to align the front suspension. It eats tires like crazy. Sounds like a 4-wheel drive truck with huge tires on the highway. The fit and finish look mediocre. Maintenance and repair costs have been massive.
    Just today the AC compressor went out.

    Even before I saw this site, I had concluded that when Honda gets it right, they make great cars.
    But when it’s wrong… it is terrible. Yes, in many cases the so-called Honda quality is a myth.
    This will be our last one.

  15. honda_crap says:

    honda is a piece of shit, highly overrated. just because people worship the honda idol does not mean it’s reliable.

  16. Carlos says:

    Is it a coincidence? Every time (way to often) I go to my mechanic ,who is a Honda guy, there is another Honda or Acura having its tranny replaced, one day it was my mechanic’s MDX ( that he had just bought 4 months ago) on the lift. Guess what had broken……..You are right, tranny had gone south, without any warning.

  17. Peter Therty says:

    My 91 civic needed a clutch at only 332,000 miles … pretty bad if you ask me, I expected it to last forever.

    • Hahaha, Peter. This is my favorite post. I’ve had similar experiences. I’m on my 4th Honda, and I’ve only had one major problem among them. 300,000 on an Accord (manual), 200,000 on another Accord (sport wagon), 170,000 on a Pilot (still driving), 107,000 on the 4th Accord (automatic, still driving). Model years from 1988 to 2006.

      In general, these are phenomenal cars. Of course things change over time; parts, engineers, etc. But there’s no need to give up on the brand over one car issue. I find it very interesting that nearly all of the negative comments are coming from people that bought used cars or didn’t indicate that they did any research on the model they were about to buy. Always research the specific model ahead of time!!

  18. Tim says:

    Hondas are usually bought by older retired people here in the UK and therefore don’t cover as many miles a year – compared with a Ford, VW etc, etc. So, law of averages, they won’t fail as often. Also, consumer surveys like JD Power et al are very subjective: the older clientele will always rate their Honda higher in comparison to the horrendous British Leyland product they more than likely owned in the 1960s/70s. A more accurate, less biased survey method would be to collate data from breakdown recovery agents and warranty providers with recorded mileage of vehicles and specific details of mechanical failings; I suspect Honda’s legendary reliability would turn out to be not that great after all but more on a par with other makes.

    On a personal level, Hondas have never appealed to me. Their styling is usually incredibly bland or utterly stupid: Honda Civic (European model). Build quality and material quality lags behind many, usually German, European marques and – like many of you have found in the US – rusting does seem to be a problem. You certainly don’t see many old Hondas left on the roads compared with Mercs, BMWs, Audis and VWs!

    • Bacon Pope says:

      In the US, insurance rates are a good predictor of reliability . Of course, rates are speculative on new models.

  19. rd12th says:

    Honda’s automatic transmission has unique design ( no planetary gear unlike most other brands). This unique Honda transmission design is reliable on light vehicles like CRV, but not for heavy ones like Odyssey, MDX, Accord etc. I had Accord and Civic for 10+ years very reliable and of course they have MANUAL tranny. Avoid heavy Honda vehicle models with automatic transmission.

  20. Jen says:

    MYTH is right! Spring, 2012, my 2002 Honda Civic Automatic had only 57,000 miles when the tranny died and I just made it to a repair shop. They tried draining the fluid and replacing it but when it was towed to transmission shop the diagnosis was dead tranny. I had been planning on keeping the car for another few years but after forking over $2500 for a rebuilt tranny and reading blogs online about these failing as well, I traded in the car for a Subaru which I wish I had bought in the first place.

    No point in contacting Honda Corp regarding an issue such as this when the warranty is run out – they won’t do a damn thing.

  21. Alexander says:

    Hello to everyone !

    First of all I would like to say that I’m glad that I found this article on the web, this article confirms to me that I’m not insane.
    I was a Honda fan for all my life, I had motorcycles like the 1000RR, CB1300 Super Four and now I ride the CB1000R . Like many other people, conviced ny the Honda’s good build quality and reliability I’ve decided (in 2008) to purchase the Civic 5D with the 1.8 litre engine and the I-Shift transmision. THE WORST MISTAKE EVER MADE !!!! And I will explain to everibody why !

    2008 – 6000 Km/ problems with the front suspension. The shock absorber bearing from the left side failed. Replaced on waranty.
    2008- 15000Km/ again problems with the front suspension … the same bearing failed again … !!! And again replaced on waranty.
    2009- 32000Km/ clutch failure ……. !!! the whole kit was replace toghether with the manifold. Still on waranty …
    YES I KNOW … ! Some of you will blame “bad luck” for this problems !

    2011- 68000Km/ the stearing broke down … again replaced on waranty. Lucky me , this happened with only one week before the waranty expired .
    2011- 75000Km/ some bearings inside the gearbox failed and they ware making a strange sound… replacememt cost allmost 1000Euros.
    imidiatly after fixing the problem, I SOLD THE DAMN THING TO THE FIRST CUSTOMER !!!! Best decision I have ever made !!!!

    Bought a Subaru Legacy wich after two and a half years and allmost 50000Km runs like the day I took it out from the showroom flloor .

    I will never in my life buy a another Honda, car or motorcycle !!!!

  22. Tony MANG says:

    maybe its because non of you maintain your car properly, all of you always going to the mechanic and letting them rap you out of $3000, learn to work on your own car and fix it yourself. you will save time and money and appreciate your car more. every car has it problems, shit I had a brand new bmw and the engine blew up at 75000 miles. don’t expect any car to be perfect. most importantly stop driving automatics, learn to drive stick. so instead of replacing a whole auto tranny you just have to replace a clutch. stop trying to ruin Hondas name.

    • Carlos says:

      Driving for about 30 years. Nissans, Toyotas, Fords, GMs, Mazdas, Hondas (odyssey). None of the cars I drove (owned) had problems (GM gasket..$700, lasted 9 years w/o other issues) and were well maintained. Then bought a Honda (5yrs old) have changed, tranny, radio, shocks, motor mounts, catalyser. And the new Honda tranny I got still works erratically…the rest of the car is still ok (HAHA).
      Nowadays we have the internet…we are the people speaking, so if you see a lot of complains about Hondas most likely they are true. Everybody I know who owns a honda (Accord, Mdx, Civic, Odyssey), had to change the tranny before the car was 10 years old (and low mileage). And everybody I know who owns a Nissan never changed anything.
      Draw your own conclusions and do not defend the big corporations who only try to rip you off.

  23. Anita Malaysia Kuching says:

    Honda has ever since been in our hearts for many years. But on 25 Oct 2013 it just shuttered our hearts forever, we will never buy any HONDA cars. The advertisement round the globe thro IT, media or anything are plain bullshits! Our brand new Honda City VTEC 1.5 not come to 24hours, the aircond was leaking n the carpet flooded. In/out the workshop and only wasted our time and energy coupled that HONDA will not hold responsibilty to compensate the customer despite such new problems and the car costed RM83K payable within 9 yrs. What a fuck, HONDA dares to put itself as good prestige car in the world!!!! A real shame to own a HONDA car plain within 24hr of driving!

  24. riceluva says:

    You should keep in mind endless makes and models of vehicles are out there that require endless repairs just to keep them going. They don’t have the luxury of making it to 200 or 300,000 miles on basic maintenence. More than not end up in a junkyard with a transmission replacement the least of its problems.

  25. Carlos says:

    Some info should be updated. Look at; honda still has 5 cars out of 20 in the worst complain list, including a 2009 model. Let me think, 5 out of 20….that’s 20%…..just remember this is the exact opposite of reliability. If you still want a Honda, go ahead.

  26. Hayekian says:

    Bought a 2004 Accord V-6 with 31,000 miles on it. Purchased it from a Honda dealer, a “certified” used Honda, had it checked out by an independent mechanic before I bought it, who gave it a clean bill of health. I have always meticulously maintained my cars with oil changes, etc. The ENGINE failed at 95,000 miles and I had to replace the front axle at 116,000 miles. I paid $19K for this piece of junk. My last car was a Chevy Corsica, which I bought with 22,000 miles on it for $9000. I drove that car 9 years, and the biggest repair bill was $600. I sold the car to a friend for $500 when it had 205,000 miles on it. My friend is still driving the Corsica at 238,000 miles. I wish I had kept the Corsica. The Accord is THE Worst car I have ever owned, by far.

    • morgan says:

      my friend has a 1991 Chevy Beretta 3.1, 5 speed that has over 800,000 on a car that has never been given an easy life, and yet its mostly original, those cars where tough no Honda ever was or will be that reliable

  27. walterbyrd says:

    Honda paint problems – Wow!

    I was thinking about buying a 2010 Honda Fit. There is a lot I like about the car. But when I started doing some online research, I found that Honda has an extensive, and shameful, history of very serious problem paint quality.

    I have been continuing to research this. We are talking about Honda having to extend their warranty due to an absolute flood of consumer complaints – all about the paint. There have even been class action lawsuits.

    I just spoke with a Honda dealer, and he admitted that Honda has had serious issues with paint. But he claims that is all in the past.

    Please understand: I am not posting about a few anecdotal cases, I am posting about a flood of consumer complaints, recalls, class action lawsuits, and more. The Civics, and Odysseys, have been the biggest disasters.

    Please google the following.

    Warranty Extension: 2006-2010 Civic Body Panel Clear Coat Cracks

    Top 255 Complaints and Reviews about Honda – Paint

    Honda Defective Paint Class Action Lawsuit

    100+ Voices Unhappy About Honda Clear Coat Paint Peel Defect & Honda’s Ambivalence

    WTF is Happening to Honda Factory Paint ?!

  28. SAV says:

    Problems with my 2006 civic engine mount collapsed , air conditioner failed, driver seat collapsed yes collapsed, airbag light on srs failure .Trunk wont open ,rotten exhaust system rusted out ,pulls to the right . brake rotters warped 10000 km . computer failure , car drifts on high way
    cd player broke . bad alignment . ball joints bad 70000 km . battery failure , bad tires .
    poor radio reception . 22 dollars for key fob battery head lights failure . 200 dollar winter
    floor mats all four leaked water from day one . broken sun visor .
    upholstery failure . stripped lug bolt. windshield wipers last two months ,
    paint failure rust in one year .poor door alignment, molding falling from the sealing from day one . worst
    car to drive in the snow . radio speaker failure . . oil leaks .
    engine pinging . head lights lasted less than a year, under powered head lights very dangerous .
    had to buy expensive head lights to replaced poor factory head lights. ceiling cloth falling on passenger . out . Seat still collapsing
    parts are very very very very expensive. poor brakes .rust problems , door lock
    mechanism broke .and when something goes wrong under warranty that when all
    the fun begins . Honda never again .

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  30. christopher zube says:

    From my experience with a Honda I can say I have not been disappointed. I have a 95 Honda civic lx that has 241225 miles on it. Oil, transmission, and timing belt and radiator flushes have been maintained and so have the spark plugs and car still runs strong. At 240000 miles I had a bad head gasket. Cost me 945 to repair and she still purrs like the puss in boots. No problems with transmission and still shifts quietly and the way it is supposed to. Really it all depends on how well the owner treats his car. Do the right maintenance and your car should take care of you. I heard that Hondas after The year 2000 that they started to not give a crap. Which is why I ended up with a 95. Whether its true or not I do not know, an hopefully for the next 15-20 years will still not know. But I can say for sure that I will not trade this car for another car as of yet. Timing belt does cost 500 but is well worth it

  31. HNDATRL says:

    Look, every car manufacturer makes some good cars and some bad ones. I’ve seen comments on this threat talking about Saturns and VWs being great cars. I’ve owned both a Saturn and a VW, and would never do so again because of the problems I had with each. I currently drive a Honda and love it, but I’m sure out of the hundreds of thousands of cars they sell each year, some do not live up to the standard Honda aims for. The same could be said for any manufacturer. Also, if you think Honda’s are expensive to fix, get a German car.

  32. John says:

    My 1998 accord has 210k miles, original engine and transmission. So…. Bad luck for you.

  33. Rob says:

    I own 3 Hondas myself, and I aman auto tech. I can say that 90’s Hondas are probably some of the easiest to repair, and cheapest to maintain cars that I’ve seen. All of my cars (92 accord, 96 civic, 98 accord) are past the 200,000 mile mark, and they all run fine. If you keep up with maintenance, and also realize that Honda automatic transmissions aren’t the strongest things in the world, also making sure that you use only Honda transmission fluid when doing fluid changes, that alone can reduce the chances of transmission failures. But I can say for the bashing of Honda in this article, that a well known issue for oddyseys and 98-01 accords to have poor automatic transmissions and fail all the time. Perhaps you should read up about the car you are looking to buy before actually purchasing it, or pay attention to the service bulletins that come out for your car, you could have gotten a transmission replaced for free years ago. Just my 2¢.

  34. lidianneseo says:

    I sort of disagree. Got my civic from honda philippines and everything seems to be quite fine. Not that I had it in-depth tested, but it was sure enough to keep me satisfied.

  35. Lucas says:

    Honda Fit (brasil model) here. The car is manual and works perfectly good, only I need remplace brakes after 70.000km or 6 years, very cheap, no noise plastic in the interior. But the problem is the CVT, the 30% of honda jazz have problems. The electronic (worse thing actualy for german and americans) is excelent in this car. The solution is BUY A HONDA MANUAL. Automatic buy a DSG is not very reliable but is quick. The normal 4 speed transsmision is a shit in all cars. Please people. Driving manual cars is better!

  36. Shuffle says:

    Honda makes one of the most reliable cars on the planet. Any retard can make a claim and put on a diagram along with a non sense article. Ur claim is the EXACT opposite of the truth. Go get a job and stop hating on Hondas dude. U sound like a fucktard

  37. Geophysicist says:

    That’s such a bullshit article. Have u thought about taking it down? Since everyone has the opposite opinion to u? Lol I’m sure ur talking outta ur ass. And no the claim with older Hondas being more Reliable is false. I have an 06 civic and have never had a problem with it. I commute to cold and brutal provinces and I drive it a lot in -30 death rds. I wouldn’t do it in any other car cuz I know if I get stranded in a quiet mountain pass where there is cell reception at 2:00 am I’m dead in the matter of minutes

  38. Albee says:

    I am no Honda fan, but my wife owns a 2000 Acura (Honda) 3.5RL and it has 185.000 and wont stop running. I dont like the car but I can see that it is a quality car made to last. I drive a Cadillac that gives me problems all the time, but I love the car and wouldnt trade it for any Japanese car. I know a few people that have had the trans problem with their Accord model, its sad becuase many of them are very low mileage and great condition cars. Modern transmissions are not cheap.

  39. AGS says:

    My 2002 Honda Odyssey’s transmission failed at 52,000 miles. All regular maintenance done at Honda dealer and all Honda would do is limit my cost to $3000 for a replacement tranny with a 3 yr/36,000 mile warranty. You bet I love dumping extra cash into a minivan that is rarely driven. I am now at 78,000 miles and am expecting it to fail again as all transmission shops have told me that this is a design defect and it will fail again. Still waiting on the Class action lawsuit for these years of Honda’s.

  40. brent streloff says:

    anyone got bad radio reception in their 04″ Honda jazz?

  41. Carlos says:

    Maybe my last post here. Just came back from a 1000KM road trip and my Odyssey 2003 (on second tranny, original honda with cooler, installed by honda and “Engineered” by honda) scared me a couple of times, reeving like crazy, tranny slipping, shaking…my family got scared. Im keeping it for city trips only.
    And for those who dont believe this issue is real, just keep your eyes closed and good luck, as for me, NO MORE HONDAS. One last thing, in case I didnt already say it,I know at least 10 people who had to change their Honda tranny (Accord, Civic, MDX, Ody).

  42. G. says:

    I had a 94 Civic that was the greatest car ever all the way up to 308,700 miles when the rain came in. A 2004 Civic had manual transmission problems. I got rid of it thinking it was a fluke. My 2010 Fit needs to have the transmission replaced at 90,000. I think as time goes by, things change And not only for the better.

  43. Mike Chambers says:

    I’ve owned 10 cars from different manufacturers: Honda, GM, Chrysler, and Ford. By far, and I mean by FAR, the most reliable cars I’ve ever owned were my three V8 Ford Mustangs. My first car, a 1986 Oldmobile Delta 88 was reliable, other than needing the tranny replaced although it WAS at 180k miles so that’s not bad. I had problems with my 2001 Honda Civic (head gaskets and transmission crapped out), my Dodge Shadow (burned oil like mad), Plymouth Acclaim (electrical problems, and transmission died), two Pontiac Grand Ams (The 2002 wasn’t bad, but too many issues to list in the 1997, and it left me broken down and stranded twice. Engine also started smoking). My 1992 Firebird was pretty reliable for the most part, but a lot of minor cheap repairs needed. After the Firebird, I got a 1989 Mustang 5.0 LX convertible, and that thing just RAN and RAN strong without any issues at all. Got rid of it at 180k miles not because of problems, but I just wanted to upgrade. So I got a 1995 Mustang GT since I was happy with the previous Mustang, and the 1995 was just as reliable! Owned that from 130k to 190k miles and I only ever had to replace the thermostat. $10 part, installed it myself. Again, only sold it because I wanted to upgrade to a newer car. I am now driving a 1999 Mustang GT, I’ve had it for a year and once again not a damn bit of trouble with it so far. Only time it’s spent time in the shop was for body work after my cousin backed into it. Moral of the story: BUY A V8 MUSTANG!!!!

    • Mike Chambers says:

      By the way, all of my Mustangs I’ve driven pretty hard at times because they’ve got nice acceleration. Very fun. Even driving them hard, NO PROBLEMS!!! Those other cars I mentioned, I basically drove em like a grandma and they still had issues. Buy a Mustang GT and you’ll not regret it.

  44. Your Mom says:

    Honda’s really do suck

  45. Grass Hopper says:

    I have never been this disappointed in a car since my very first vehicle in high school. My current Honda accord has cost me so much money and trouble I regret ever buying the car. I am going to list the failures this car has had since I owned it…this is a one year time period.
    Timing belt and harmonic balance belt with water pump (water pump bearings fell out)
    Valve cover seals
    Vss sensor
    Main fuel Relay
    Map sensor
    Ignition switch
    Cam seal, crank seal, Rear main seal
    CV axle boot
    Tie rod boot
    All accessory belts
    Lights in gauge cluster
    And after all that crap the stinking HEAD GASKET decides to blow and cause major pressure to go into the radiator causing the brand new radiator to blow up like Mount St Hellens! This piece of garbage Honda has caused me so many problems and leaving me stranded more often then my first car (83 Ford Ranger). Don’t get me wrong my Ranger broke down alot… but not like this ridiculous Honda accord. My current 2nd vehicle is an ancient 89′ Mazda B2200 and it will run circles around this piece of garbage Honda… the old pick up never leaves me stranded… It broke down once and it was still was able to make it back home…. NOT the Honda.. When the Honda breaks, it is down for the count and usually very expensive to have repaired. Let’s not forget if your timing belt breaks on the Honda, it will destroy the valve train and maybe punch a whole in your piston. Further more watch out for the transmission on the automatic accords those things break down every 70k for some strange reason! The Honda’s also have a nack for galley seals going bad every two years.. and watch out for the main fuel relay, apparently those were faulty from the factory. My old relic of a pick up has near 200k and the transmission is still original and only needed a 6 dollar vacuum modulator and currently works like it’s new! If you buy a Honda you better get a second vehicle to save your bacon when it decides to randomly break down with some difficult to diagnose problem. My final complaint: To add insult to injury, if you own a pre 01′ Honda, they have the cheapest stinkin ignition system and after you spend all your money maintaining the piece of junk the cars they get stolen! Apparently a first grader designed Honda’s ignition system, so anyone can just hop in and take the car. No more Honda Cars for me.

  46. John Doe says:

    Had my accord for 14 years. Currently has 460k miles. It’s never broken down ever. Most reliable vehicle I’ve ever had.

  47. David says:

    I don’t know. I’ve owned both Toyotas and Hondas and both never really broke. I had a 1990 Camry that my ex totaled but it had 180,000 miles at the time and never had a problem. I had a Toyota Corolla that went to 170,000 miles and died. I had a 2001 Accord with 180,000 miles on it at trade and nothing ever needed doing except brakes. I had a 1993 accord that had 155,000 miles but was ruined in a flood from Hurricane Sandy. Now I lease a 2013 Honda Accord which is spectacular. I honestly think that Honda is the best car company and not because I love Honda but I simply think they last much longer than most cars. Maybe there are some flukes but most American card I have had needed substantial repairs before or at or around 100,000 miles. I mean stuff would just break on other cars and your like it needs what? Like everything goes bad. Ok once in awhile maybe some models had a transmission problem. But honestly I would say its close between Honda and Toyots but I find Honda to be a bit more reliable easily soaring to 200,000 miles without major repair in most cases. Again I have seen this first hand through my own vehicles and people who also own them.

  48. Carlos says:

    Well according to my own experience, I know at least 6 people who have had their tranny in a honda or acura car, and that is out of the 8 I know. When I went to a garage to repair my broken tranny, all the garages told me that honda trannies are crap. You can also read the same type of info in and other sites.

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